Invasion of the Body Snatchers

If you have doubts about UFOs, Aliens - or simply Spacegirls! - visiting our planet and interacting with us, just watch this series (narrated by Peter Coyote, btw)

After you watched this, the question won't be “what if...?” anymore, but… “WHY!!?”

Why are they here? Why are they flying around so discreetly? Why couldn’t they land on Times Square on a busy day, get out their flying saucers and ask where to find a reasonably priced restaurant and a decent show?

My answer is simple: little green men are zoologist and you, my friend, you’re the animal!

To study you properly, they try to disturb you as little as possible – just the way any biologist would do – hiding in camouflage, observing, taking pictures, and, yes, time to time, discreetly lifting a sample (that would be your poor uncle Ted who disappeared while duck hunting, even though everyone thought it was Jack Daniel’s and deep water that did him).

So, beware. There must be cameras everywhere. Act natural. Don’t make silly faces when you believe no one’s watching. As I type this, they’re probably observing you taking a shower, while a Zoomoplasmic version of David Attenborough get all emotional about you not dissolving in water, like they do.


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