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The Goolz Next Door - The Mallow Marsh Monster. French Cover by Editions du Seuil/Juliette Barbanègre

Nous partons pour le Marais des Mauves pour une Nouvelle Aventure.  Vous en êtes?
@EditionsduSeuil Mes Voisins les Goolz - Le Monstre du Marais des Mauves

We're off to the Mallow Marsh for a New Adventure. You're in? 

@boydsmillspress The Goolz Next Door - The Mallow Marsh Monster

Cover Art by Juliette Barbanègre - @juliette.barbanegre

And the Dimoitou Award goes to... Gary Ghislain for The Goolz Next Door!

The Dimoitou is a French literary award given to an outstanding work of children's fiction. Each year, the Dimoitou jury, 10 children aged 8-11, picks-up the winning author among a selection of 5 novels. The finalist are invited to the Le Mans Book Fair (25e Heure du Livre) where the winner is announced. This year finalists were Jean-Claude Mourlevat (Gallimard jeunesse), Luc Blanvillain (L’école des loisirs), Glwadys Constant (Rouergue), Ingrid Thobois (Sarbacane) and Yours Truly (Winner!)

It was an amazing experience, and the jury was just awesome. After winning the Dimoitou, I got to spend some time with them and answer their questions about The Goolz Next Door and writing spooky stories in general.

Angelique, one of the jurors, asked me: "Are you always going to write scary stories? I like them, but, sometimes, when I sleep at my Grandma's, they terrify me. "

"The best way to deal with the monster under your bed," I answered, "is to grab a flas…