Inside the imaginary world of #vampire

Reading my novel #vampire inside the imaginary world created by Jola Kudela for our animated #tvseries, "#vampire: Dead and Unusual". It's so meta on so many levels.

#vampire: Dead & Unusual - The animated series

Pitching  #vampire : Dead & Unusual, the animated series, in the boardroom of studio100 Animation in Paris with extremely-talented-awesome-co-creator Jola Kudela


Publié dans Var-Matin - le 15/11/2019 - par C.S.

Dans la salle radio du collège toulonnais, quatre élèves piétinent d’impatience d’interviewer l’écrivain Gary Ghislain. En résidence pour quinze jours, l’auteur spécialisé dans la littérature jeunesse fantastique lauréat du prix Littérado 2019 se prête au jeu des questions.

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Book Birthday for the Goolz

Those little bundles of joy were born this morning. They weight 14 ounces each and came out of the press all purple and blue. They speak Italian thanks to the great translation of M. Astolfi and will make the kids tremble and laugh all over Italy. Their author and publisher (Giunti Editore) are well and happy.

And the 2019 Litterado Award for Best Fiction goes to...

The Goolz Next Door, A Bad Night for Bullies, wins the Litterado Award 2019 🎉🏆🏆🏆🎉 Hurrah !!!

The results were greeted by cheers and a round of applause of the 100 and some members of the young jury : "Wow !!! We're actually applauding for a book!" one of the supporters of the Goolz Next Door cried out.

And the Crok' Livres Award Goes to...

This year, the Crok'Livres Jury decided to go for scary & spooky as they elected "The Goolz Next Door - Vol.1 -  A Bad Night for Bullies" as their 2019 Winner!

I met the Crok'Livres panel of readers/voters and told them everything I know about writing and creating proper monsters.

We discussed my own writing process - and shared some essential tips on how to create memorable screams and chills.

And the experience was... terrifyingly nice!

Click this link to get more info about the Crok'Livres Award and the 2019 selection.