And the Talents Cultura Award Goes to...

My Adventures with the Goolz continue as I was awarded the Talents Cultura 2018 for The Goolz Next Door: A Bad Night for Bullies.
I received the the award at La Maison de l'Amérique Latine in Paris during a fantastibulous ceremony hosted by French writer Gilles Legardinier and the awesome team of Cultura.
On top of a beautiful trophy and tons of accolades - The Goolz Next Door will be featured in all of the 88 Cultura bookstores all over France during a full year.
So... Go Goolz Forever! And #HappyGoolzDay!

Talents Cultura Winners from left to right - Nicolas Mathieu, Diane Mazloum, Gilles Legardinier (Host), Gary Ghislain, Gwenaële Robert, Thierry Montoriol, Inès Bayard

This quiet moment before the laureates received their awards

"I just wanted to scare the kids." Gary Ghislain


Talents Cultura 2018 Award


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