10 things I will do on “How I Stole Johnny Depp’s Alien Girlfriend” release day

1. I will wake up at 6 a.m. and be dragged out of bed by two Swedish creatures (6 year old, 4 year old) demanding breakfast, television and cuddles (in that precise order).

2. I will not strangle myself with coffee, yell and throw marmalade toasts at my computer while reading any new reviews and blog-o-things. I will stay away from Goggle. Well, I might goggle a bit. Doh!

3. I’ll spend my morning working on the outline of my new space invasion YA project, super sizing it with extra cursing, ruckus, general disobedience, random inappropriateness and other trademark bits and bobs. 

4. I’ll go and light a candle in front of one of the many Jack Sparrow posters spread all over Stockholm.

5. I will have a thought for my father who was still alive and prouder than a mother hen on hatching day when Chronicle Books bought my manuscript. I’m sure he'd be even prouder today.

6. I will buy enough booze to slow down a large herd of reasonably sized ponies.

7. I will prepare finger version of traditional Swedish gourmet food (hot dogs, burgers, crisps, cake… I’ll throw a herring or two in there for good mesure).

8. Guests, food, drinks, laughs: PARTY!

9. I will get wasted and still resist the urge to phone ex-girlfriends and regale them with babbling tales of my literary adventures.

10. I’ll collapse into bed and dream of space invasion, books writing themselves, and sales ranks in the low two figures.  


  1. Wow! I love that Zelda art... at leaset I am assuming it is Zelda art.

  2. Hey Gary - Your book is on my recommended summer reading list! Yes, even in forward looking NY we have REQUIRED summer reading in our schools. I'm always happy to add edgier stuff that I think teens will actually enjoy reading over the summer. How I Stole... fits the bill, perfectly!
    PS, I'm a teen librarian.

  3. Pam, this is Jane Fonda in a Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy poster from 1968... she's like the godmother of any self-respecting spacegirl :) MizzE thanks for adding "How I Stole..." to your recommended summer reading list. Edgier you want, edgier they will get, but I'm pretty sure your teen readers will love you for it ;)

  4. LOL Okay if I didn't want to read your book before -- and I did -- I definitely do now. You rock, Gary. I can't wait to read your book now. I'm going to attack the local bookstores this weekend until I have copy in my possession. B-)


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